Training Courses Offered

High Risk Tactical Tracking for Armed and Violent Subjects


"The lessons that we learn are written on the tombstones of others" 

- Reid Henrichs

One of our most popular courses, this training focuses on preparing canine handlers, SWAT operators, patrol officers and supervisors how to decrease liability and maximize Officer Safety during dangerous canine deployments to locate and apprehend violent armed offenders.  

Some of the material covered:

Understanding Proximity Alerts, Effective Formations and Tactics, Movements through Corners/Chokepoints/Kill Zones, Correctly Reading the Dog and the Terrain, Reacting to Contact/Shots Fired, Team Communication, Tactical/Emergency Removal of K-9 Bite, Handler Down Rescue, Resource Management, Setup and Deployment of Quick Reaction Teams, Proper Tools and Equipment, and much much more.

"Streetworthy K9" a.k.a. Advanced K-9 Development for Real World Deployments



This is a serious class for serious handlers who want serious dogs to handle any situation they may encounter on the street....seriously! This course was designed to prepare your partner to successfully deploy, apprehend, and stay in the fight against the most violent of suspects.  This course is necessarily flexible depending on the experience and ability of your partners and can be catered to any dog at any skill level- from the greenest to the most seasoned.  Our professional decoys and instructors will strategically challenge and build the confidence and courage of each individual dog by exposing them to realistic simulated high stress deployments.  Our end goal is to build your partner into a true "Street Worthy K9".  

-Reality Training with ArminLeggin™ Products

-Preparing for a Successful First Engagement

-Preparing for Violent Encounters-Deploying into Stressful Environments

K-9 Supervision and Critical Incident Command Post Management


The K-9 Unit is one of the highest liability units within any agency.  Therefore, it's imperative that supervisors are prepared and well-versed in the numerous aspects of running such a unit.  Often times, supervisors are expected to run a K-9 unit with limited to no experience.  Luckily for them, our instructors are seasoned supervisors and unit commanders of major metropolitan police canine agencies with years of experience successfully running large scale operations and high liability units.  They know first-hand the challenges facing leadership today during these difficult times in law enforcement.  Their experiences are too many to list but just some of the many items that are covered in this course include: Incident Command of major police incidents, canine and handler selection, proper record keeping, important legal guidelines, review and creation of unit standards and procedures, critical pre-operation and post-operation actions and checklists, critical incident briefings and debriefings, and much more.

K-9 Integration with Tactical Teams


We have found that so many agencies across the U.S. are not regularly training with the personnel that will be their backup when they deploy: S.W.A.T./S.R.T., Road Patrol, neighboring agencies, and other tactical units.  This course focuses on bridging the training gaps that are always present between these various and specialized units and giving them a much needed opportunity to train together.  With classroom instruction, followed by realistic and increasingly difficult field practicums, students (with their varied experiences and backgrounds) will come together as a team to overcome the many challenges presented to them.  Students will gain the necessary experience, tactics, and communication skills needed to work together to succeed during their next  K-9 deployment. 

Decoy Development from Basic to Advanced


-Muzzle Work

-Building Drive

-Proper Decoy Skills

-Competition Decoy

-Reading and Reacting to the Dog

-Newspaper Bites

-Leg Bites

Scent Detection from Basic to Advanced







Obedience and Agility


Whether you're preparing for certification, training for an upcoming competition, or just need the right skills on the street, we have the tools and experience necessary to help you succeed.  We specialize in Marker Training and Operant Conditioning.  We focus on not only training your canine partners but also teaching  handlers and trainers how to properly use these methods to achieve success across all other facets of their canine training. 



Basic to Advanced

Scent Lineups/Scent Discrimination

Perfecting the Track

Hard Surface Tracking

Custom Courses Available


Agencies interested in hosting a class can receive free or discounted tuition.  There is no agency too large or too small for us to train with.  We are happy to work with you to design a custom course to fit the specific needs of your agency.