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Reality training with products

A toned down and very basic example of reality training for you K-9 partner utilizing ArminLeggan products

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K-9 Street Worthiness and Bite Development

Course Information

     This is a serious class for serious handlers who want serious dogs to handle any situation they may encounter on the street....seriously! 

     This class is also referred to as the 1% class.  This is based on the idea that 99% of criminals usually give up sometime between the moment they realize K-9 has arrived on scene, to the moment K-9 has located them and there is nowhere to hide, and up until the moment they no longer want to participate in the pain compliance challenge with your partner.  There is, however, that rare criminal suspect (the 1%) that, despite the best efforts of your K-9 partner, will not give up so easily.  This is usually because they are either high on drugs, mentally-ill, or would rather die than go back to prison.  This course is designed, in part, on that philosophy.  


     Furthermore, as most any handler knows but would rather not admit, one of the hardest things to teach a K-9 is to transition off of training equipment and be ready to engage on the street without hesitation.  This course addresses and corrects that issue directly.  This course is necessarily flexible depending on the skill level and experience of your K-9 partners and can be catered to any dog at any age/skill/experience level- from the greenest to the most seasoned.   Our professional decoys and instructors will work with each handler and K-9 partner to first understand the strengths and weaknesses of each individual K-9, then strategically challenge and build the confidence and courage of each dog to help them become true "Street Worthy" K-9's.   

-Reality Training with ArminLeggan™ Products

-Newspaper Bites, Pig-hide Bites, Deer-hide Bites, ArminLeggan fake legs and arms.

-Preparing for a Successful First Engagement

-Deploying into Stressful Environments

-Staying Committed in Violent Encounters

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